A Certification Programme You Can Trust...

Developed by a Multidisciplinary Team of Infectious Disease & Public Health Experts

The Outbreak Defence ™ programme was developed by epidemiology and infectious disease experts, public health and geriatric care nurses, together with medical doctors and  researchers.

In all regards, the Outbreak Defence ™ programme reflects the strategies and practices recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Health Service (NHS), Health Canada, Australian Department of Health, and New Zealand Ministry of Health.

While no foolproof method exists to completely safeguard against the spread of infectious diseases, research strongly supports that physical distancing, together with an evidence-based, systematic, and consistently applied hygiene  practices can significantly reduce the risk of infection.

Verified by Objective & Specially Trained Registered Nurses (RNs)

Every Outbreak Defence Certified™ property is objectively assessed by a specially trained Registered Nurse (RN) using an evidence-based and scholarly-informed methodology that supports:

  • Effective and Evidence-Based Hygiene Policies and Practices

  • Highly Trained and Property Equipped Staff

  • Regular Facility Maintenance and Health Focused Programming