Become Outbreak Defence CERTIFIED™

Become Outbreak Defence Certified™

All Outbreak Defence Certified™ properties and vessels have been carefully assessed by a specially trained and independent Registered Nurse (RN) using an evidence-based and scholarly-informed methodology. Only those properties that can meet the rigours standards and requirements of the Outbreak Defence™ programme can become certified.

Typically taking less than a week to complete, the Outbreak Defence™ programme involves a local Registered Nurse (RN) carefully an objectively assess:

  1.  relevant policies, processes, and practices
  2.  staff training and equipment
  3. property maintenance and sanitation standards
  4. space programming and activation
  5. food safety practices
  6. residents health and wellness programming
  7. infectious disease prevention planning and protocols

The key aim of these steps is to ensure that policies, processes, and practices are in place that can most aptly reduce the risk of an  infectious disease spreading through the building or vessel.

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